YOUR VIEW: 'Attack' on Aqua Turf was wrong

Published on Tuesday, 17 April 2018 20:07
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To The Editor:

I have thought about this issue for a long time and have finally come to a decision on what we all are experiencing. These misguided public displays of emotion at honest, trustworthy and well run businesses has no place in our society.

If the business is truly doing something against the law, the proper vehicle to redress the issue is through the courts, but attacking a business just because you disagree with something they do on an emotional level is childish, disheartening, and wrong.

You are acting no better that school yard bullies. This activity has no honorable place in our society. If nothing else, think of the example you are setting for the children.

The recent protest at Aqua Turf is an example of people being emotional to no end except to show how narrow minded they are.

This establishment and many others are owned by a local family and they are honest, hard working generous people that contributes much to the community.

Their businesses always get high reviews from those that attend and they go out of their way to make your visit a memorable and pleasant one. It saddens me to find they feel they must bend to the voice of the bullies.

My first response was to boycott them and attempt to get others to do the same, but that would make me no better that the hooligans I abhor. Instead,

I will continue to support the Aqua Turf family and their businesses and hope they will go back to business as usual without the influence of the vocal minority. This is still America and we follow the law, please go back to being the adult in the room and stop these childish acts.

Joe Pugliese


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