YOUR VIEW: Toby the pug would make a great mascot

Published on Wednesday, 9 May 2018 20:07
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To The Editor:

A letter to Bristol Mayor Zoppo-Sassu

Dear Mayor:

We have a proposal for you! We think the town of Bristol needs a doggie mascot, and it should be our friend Toby. If you don’t take Toby as a mascot, you will be barking up the wrong tree. Paws and let us tell you all of the reasons why Toby should be Bristol’s number one dog. Toby is very good looking, he is kind to everyone, and he will share his food with the people in our town.

First of all, Toby is a good looking dog. He is a pug and chihuahua mix. These two types of dogs are cute. So, when they are together, they are even cuter. Toby is also a small dog that has a tan color. That color will make him pop out in the beautiful nature of Bristol. Also, we hear that many people travel to cities to see the cute dogs there. Toby will bring a lot of people here.

Toby is kind to everyone and everything he meets. For example, Toby only barks to say, “hello!” Having a welcoming “hello” whenever someone sees him makes people happier when they are having a bad day. Toby also lets people give him belly rubs. When people pet dogs, it makes them smile. When Toby is the mascot, he will let people do this, and they will have a fantastic day.

City residents feel safe in places where they are protected. Dogs are great protective animals. Since Toby says “hello” to everyone he meets, people will know when someone is coming by.

The third reason Toby should be Bristol’s mascot is that he will share his food with all the people in town. There are many people in this town that might not have enough food. Toby can help them by giving them some of his! Toby eats Beneful food for small dogs. According to Beneful’s website, the food is made of the freshest ingredients, including chicken, carrots, and sweet potatoes. If he shares his food with the people of Bristol, their food will be healthy like his!

Before you think, “Toby is too small and will get lost in City Hall”, we have a solution. You can go to PetSmart, and buy a leash for as little as twenty dollars. Then, you can attach the leash to one of the legs of your desk, so that Toby can’t get far. That is another reason why Toby will be a great mascot for Bristol.

As you can see, Toby shines as the best mascot in the world. One reason why is that he is a good looking dog. The second reason is that he is kind to everyone. Last, he will share all of his food with the people of Bristol. He will be loved by everyone. Please let Toby be the official mascot for the town of Bristol!

Miss Daly’s Fourth Grade Friends

Hubbell School


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