YOUR VIEW: Powell should apologize for column

Published on Sunday, 27 May 2018 19:53
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To The Editor:

I write to strongly object to Chris Powell’s May 16 column where he implied that Connecticut public employee unions are worse than German armed forces under the direction of Adolf Hitler.

This inept and ridiculous comparison is an insult to the many veterans who fought and died fighting Nazi aggression, including my uncle, killed by Nazi forces at the Battle of the Bulge. Mr. Powell’s deep hatred of his fellow citizens who serve the needs of our residents every day has gone too far.

He may hold strong opinions about the utility and benefits of having public employee unions, but this does not give him license to write that they are worse than Nazi soldiers.

Mr. Powell needs to apologize, and The Herald should not waste any more ink for his column until he does.

Dr. John Day Tully

New Britain

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