YOUR VIEW: Officials need to fix New Britain downtown issues

Published on Tuesday, 29 May 2018 18:43
Written by Newington

To The Editor:

The revitalization of New Britain downtown is going to take more than transferring Porter’s building into luxury apartments and a restaurant.

Until New Britain takes responsibility to acknowledge that there is a problem within the Hispanic community your plan isn’t going to come to fruition. It is time to realize that this community has been ignored and for a very long time.

You just don’t put up a new facade and the other problem goes away.

CMHA is going to be moving right across the street from the luxury apartments. What are your plans for the loud music from the cars that speed through downtown? What are your plans for New Brite Plaza where you take your life in your own hands trying to maneuver the parking lot and praying you don’t get killed?

Do you think the renters you want to attract to this new site are going to come once they read in The Herald the arrests with the city?

Perhaps its time to back up a bit and take care of matters at hand. New Britain is great for spending money, building and knocking down buildings, changing this path for another path and not being a good steward for all the people of New Britain.

Jill Price

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