YOUR VIEW: Protect Our Watersheds did its job

Published on Wednesday, 12 September 2018 19:29
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To The Editor:

A word of thanks is due. Recently, the mayor of New Britain announced that the City would no longer consider striking a deal with Tilcon, Inc. to destroy a valuable watershed vital to the region’s water needs.

Tilcon, Inc. is a subsidiary of CRH of Dublin, Ireland. CRH is the largest producer of asphalt in the US and the third largest producer of ready-mixed concrete. CRH is big business.

Important in this letter is thanks due to a small group of volunteers, known as Protect Our Watersheds CT (POWCT). POWCT has no budget and is funded by the individuals making up the group.

Over a two-year period POWCT attended many public hearings, spoke to regional civic groups and tried unsuccessfully to convince New Britain officials of the shortcomings of the study produced by Lenard Engineering which cost taxpayers more than $350,000.

Water resources may become insufficient and scant, safe drinking water and the public health will become major economic, legal and political issues.

Water needs to be regarded as a public trust.

The public trust doctrine recognizes the public right to natural resources such as the air we breathe and the water we drink. POWCT is continuing its fight to keep the public trust doctrine alive in CT.

Without clean water resources humankind cannot survive. The quality and quantity of water within our watersheds are greatly affected by the way we live on the land.

Thanks to POWCT for all its efforts ensuring the sustainability of water resources in our region for generations that will follow us.

Richard L. Judd

New Britain

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