YOUR VIEW: Aresimowicz isn't the rep we need

Published on Wednesday, 3 October 2018 19:15
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To The Editor:

November’s election is extremely important to all of us. Dan Malloy and the Democrats have devastated our state with tax increases, increased debt, big government and costly long-term union contracts.

Just ask Joe Arsemowicz, who serves as house representative for parts of Berlin and Southington. Joe has been right by Dan Malloy’s side supporting Connecticut’s demise. Joe, as a union leader, has supported the unions and their costly contracts that increase our taxes. Connecticut businesses and individuals are moving out because they can’t afford to stay. It’s time for change if there’s any chance of a future for our children in Connecticut.

It’s important you come out to vote on Nov. 6, and support Steve Baleshiski as our house rep, a young Republican conservative that will look out for your pocket.

Sal Bordonaro


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