YOUR VIEW: Stop the Dems at the ballot box

Published on Monday, 8 October 2018 20:05
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To The Editor:

Stopping the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh was not about 35 year old, unsubstantiated charges of sexual assault, or heavy drinking in college, or throwing ice cubes in a bar, or any of the other claims against him.

No, Kavanaugh’s “crime” is his belief in the Constitution and that a judge’s role is to interpret the law as written, not make new law.

In the minds of liberals, these two beliefs put many of the keystones of their social agenda at risk because they had found their way into the law of the land via the “back door; specifically, Supreme Court decisions based on new rights divined by liberal Supreme Court Justices through interpretive expansion of existing law. It was this process that allowed liberals to implement their socialist agenda without approval of the people through their elected representatives in Congress.

According to liberal think, a conservative Supreme Court presents a serious danger to the progress of socialism in America and must be stopped at all costs. That is why President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court was opposed by Democrats, even before he/she was named. The list from which President Trump has pledged to pick Supreme Court nominees does not contain a single name that liberals would support.

Fighting the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh or any other nominee was a “life or death” battle for the socialist agenda of the Democrats.

In a life or death battle, no tactic is off limits, no tactic too vile, no tactic too ruthless. Hence, we had the public spectacle that was the Kavanaugh nomination process.

Liberals are already planning to impeach now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, ostensibly because of the unsubstantiated charges they say will be substantiated at the time of his impeachment.

This is a smoke screen; the goal is to replace Justice Kavanaugh with someone more to their liking.

There is only one way to stop this from happening and that is at the ballot box on Nov. 6. We must stop Democrats from being elected or we put our country at risk of the destruction that is socialism.

Peter Del Mastro


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