YOUR VIEW: A vote for Democrats is a vote for progress

Published on Monday, 29 October 2018 19:48
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Dear Editor:

In Connecticut, as across the nation, Trump Republicans are trying to gain control of the governor’s office and state legislature.

By doing this they hope to roll back laws affecting our civil liberties, voting rights, women’s health care, gun laws, pension protections, Medicare coverage and other basic safeguards.

Voters can not let this happen.

Democratic members of the state House of Representatives and state Senate have demonstrated their willingness to defend the social progress we,as a state, have made, and of which we should be very proud. We can not turn back the clock on health care for seniors, work place safety rules, quality standards for the environment, minimum wage requirements and equal protection under the law for all people.

Those running on the Republican line have a much different agenda.

Their policies will only further empower and embolden President Trump and the far right. New Britain democrats Rick Lopes, Peter Tercyak, Bob Sanchez and Terry Gerratana will oppose those efforts.

On Tuesday, November 6, our future as a state is on the ballot. By voting Democratic, by marking every spot on the top line of the ballot, we can protect the hard fought progress we have made over the past 20 years.

Exercise your right to vote and, please, vote Democratic.

Don DeFronzo

New Britain

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