YOUR VIEW: Talk is cheap; Saavedra takes action

Published on Wednesday, 31 October 2018 19:47
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To The Editor

I am proud to be talking about Sharon Beloin-Saavedra who is running for state representative from the 24th District. This includes in New Britain the voting places of Slade. Roosevelt, Vance, Gaffney and the VFW. Also, a portion of Newington.

In my personal experience with Sharon compassion and loyalty were forefront in a most difficult time for our family. My “sister from another mother” Judy K. Greco, a well known local educator became ill, Sharon became our “Rock.” Mrs. Greco was Sharon’s guidance counselor at Pulaski High School. They formed a bond that was reignited when they were both on the Board of Education in New Britain. They became a fierce duo that fought for what was right no matter the outcome. They became close friends despite the age difference because Sharon sees beyond limitations. I also enjoyed and still do, the relationship that Sharon and my family have. I value the integrity, intelligence, love and devotion she displays to my grandchildren. A true role model to follow!

Sharon’s ability to “listen” is one of her strongest attributes. At a time in our country when voices need to be heard, this is the candidate to put in office. Sharon listens and then springs into action to find a solution to an issue. She’s the one who will “step up and help.” If she doesn’t have the answer she searches for one, never pretending to know it all. I’ve never known Sharon to shy away from an issue. Sharon face things head on. “Talk is cheap,” action is Sharon’s middle name!

What more can you look for in a candidate? In the turmoil that is so evident today in politics, Sharon is who we need in government.

Helen B Cieslowski

New Britain

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