YOUR VIEW: Lopes supports education, environment

Published on Wednesday, 31 October 2018 19:50
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To The Editor:

The race in New Britain’s 24th District may be confusing. The endorsed Democrat, Rick Lopes, has been our state representative for six years, and has been doing a great job. He is a down to earth guy and hard worker with priorities that really matter.

He knows how to get things done and has been available to all of his constituents, regardless of party. He is respected by all of his colleagues. Rick’s opponent is registered as a Democrat, but is running on the Republican line. Sharon Beloin-Saavedra refers to herself as the “purple candidate.” Years ago, she was a real Democrat and was concerned about education, but, for some time, she has aligned herself with the Republicans who have, consistently, seriously underfunded education.

Their gubernatorial candidate is in lockstep with Donald Trump and Betsy Devos who seem set on destroying public education. Calling herself “purple” does not change the fact that she has, essentially, become a Republican, nor does it assure her future bipartisanship. Sharon will caucus, and probably continue to vote with Republicans. Rick Lopes has fought for the minimum wage, paid family leave, pay equity, school bond money (Smalley and Gaffney Schools), and protection of the environment (helping to defeat Mayor Stewart’s infamous plan to strip mine our watershed). Working with the rest of our state delegation, Rick has brought millions of dollars to New Britain which helps reduce our local taxes. Please help re-elect Rick Lopes.

Rosemary Klotz

New Britain

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