YOUR VIEW: One of the strangest football games ever played

Published on Tuesday, 4 December 2018 20:53
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To The Editor,

The December 2018 issue of “Connecticut Magazine” carried a letter from Mike Moran about football and players in Connecticut. His PS. noted “one of the strangest football games ever played in CT.” Editor Albie Yuravich’s interest was piqued. The exhibition game was played by the Green Bay Packers v. the Diesels, of the American Association semi-pro team from New London.

What follows are the facts. You all know I prefer facts. So does Albie Y.. He hunted up a story written by Tom Dickau, our Bristol/Forestville historian. Tom had all the facts.

We have the who. We have the what. Now for the where was this auspicious game played?!

Correct! It was Muzzy Field before 8,500 people in attendance.

Now we ask when?

You’ve got it!!. WWII, 1943.

Unbelievable! But that was the spirit of the people during WWII. Chins up, eye on the goal, exhibition games or women’s baseball leagues.

Thanks to Tom Dickau and his historic story all Nutmeggers can have these five questions answered, get the facts.

Our Tom is famous for his association with the Forestville Village Association as the “Pumpkin Man” and the Manross Memorial Library for his excellent, factual series about Forestville and Bristol.

May his fame continue to spread far and wide in “Connecticut Magazine.”

Kay Burke


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