YOUR VIEW: Chamber and Bizzarro enabled Stewart

Published on Friday, 8 February 2019 18:56
Written by Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

To The Editor:

Tim Stewart’s most recent abhorrent statement will require him to be held accountable for his actions. That is not in question. I hope he gets the help that he says he needs.

But what is equally appalling in this debacle is the role of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Knowing they had a compromised president, having defended him after his racially insensitive “inmates in the asylum” comment aimed at the largely Puerto Rican population of the North Oak neighborhood last year, they had fair warning of the likelihood of this implosion.

The Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and principally its chairman Gennaro Bizzarro, enabled Mr. Stewart, protected him and gave him the platform to embarrass our community in the most crass way imaginable.

Having worked for Tim Stewart as Corporation Council for years and now serving as his employer, Mr. Bizzarro should have known that this day would come.

Mr. Bizzarro and the other Chamber of Commerce board members own this disaster as much as Tim Stewart does.

They owe the city, their customers and taxpayers a sincere apology.

This is a self inflicted wound that could have easily been avoided if good judgment on the part of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors had been exercised in the past.

Diane DeFronzo

New Britain

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