YOUR VIEW: Tell Rep. Ziogas to slash state spending

Published on Friday, 15 March 2019 20:09
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To The Editor:

Old habits are hard to break; just ask Democrat state Rep. Chris Ziogas. While Dannel P. Malloy was governor, he was a pretty consistent voter when it came to legislation that increased State spending despite Connecticut’s perilous financial situation.

Today we have a new governor and a new 160 member House of Representatives; it is controlled by 90 Democrats, 40 of whom fall into the Democratic Socialist camp.

The House speaker is a union official who just loves spreading our tax money around; it seems he can never get enough of it.

Against this backdrop we have Rep. Ziogas. He sees that his party has overwhelming control of both the House and Senate for at least the next two years. He also sees $1 billion or more in additional taxes and fees will soon become reality, so why not continue his big-spending ways.

Earlier this week, Chris Ziogas voted out of committee, House Bill 7161, a bill that will provide free college tuition for Connecticut residents and tuition aid to ILLEGAL aliens.

Soon it will be voted on in the full House where it is all but guaranteed to pass. Apparently, the $2.4 billion dollar state budget deficit is of little concern to Big Spending Chris.

Some might say, “well it could have been worse”; this bill only applies to community colleges and technical schools.

Anyone who watches how Democrats operate knows they are the masters of incrementalism; it won’t be long before a similar bill is passed covering UConn and all of the other four year State colleges.

If you live in Rep. Ziogas’ district (79th), please email him ( and tell him he needs to stop voting for spending increases and start working on getting some spending cuts passed.

The financial future of our state and its citizens and businesses depend on it.

Peter Del Mastro


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