YOUR VIEW: Republicans fail to lead Berlin

Published on Friday, 3 May 2019 18:03
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To The Editor:

The results of the latest budget referendum reflect the complete failure of the Republican majority of the Town Council to provide any leadership or direction for our community. The budget for the town budget was voted against by 86% of the voters, while the BOE budget was voted down by an astonishing 90% of voters.

Even more evidence of the complete lack of leadership on the part of Mayor Mark Kaczynski and his Republican colleagues was the fact that voters were largely split on whether the proposed budgets were too high or too low. Not surprising given the Republican record of raising taxes while at the same time cutting services and underfunding basic needs and essential services.

This disarray and confusion about a direction for our town is the inevitable result of a governing philosophy based on partisanship and cynicism, and not on a vision of what is in the best interest of Berlin’s residents and future. Consider that during the last two budget years our Republican leaders voted for a budget and then immediately campaigned against its approval.

No wonder Berlin voters don’t have any clarity or agreement about a direction forward for our community, given that our Republican mayor and council members have substituted finger pointing and political games for governing and leadership.

It seems clear at this point that this year’s budget process will not produce a way forward for our community. Confusion, disappointment and cuts to services, along with another tax increase, are the most likely outcomes. The inevitable outcome of four years of what passes for leadership from our Republican mayor.

We can’t fix this budget disaster and leadership vacuum this budget season. Ninety percent of Berlin voters agree that they don’t like Mayor Mark Kaczynski’s budget. Perhaps they will agree that it’s time for a change come November.

Kristin Campanelli


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