YOUR VIEW: What do you want from a president?

Published on Thursday, 22 August 2019 17:27
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To the editor:

Time is drawing closer for us to decide who we will want for our next president. All I'm asking is just find a comfortable spot to sit and close your eyes. Forget your political views and those of others. What do you really want from a president. Keep those eyes closed. Do you want a president such as the Pope, a king, one with really no humanity or compassion or a thoughtful president who is strong enough to rule with sense and sensibility. A president who knows what they do today will live on for infinity. A president who will seek knowledge from others to help form a fair and just outcome. A president who will restore respect to the president's office from other countries. A president who doesn't rule by creating fear and chaos. Only you know what you would admire in a president for the United States of American. You do not have to share your views with others, just reach into your heart and mind and you will discover your true thoughts, views and feelings on the matter and then make your vote on these determinations. In a free world this is what you are entitled to.

Jill Price


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