YOUR VIEW: 'New' school means bright future

Published on Sunday, 29 September 2019 19:50
Written by Fran Wolski

To The Editor:

While the beginning of every school year comes with feelings of excitement, anticipation and optimism; for the students and staff at Smalley Elementary School, this year is different. That’s because the new school year finds them in a “new” school building,

Smalley, rebuilt in 1971 with modifications in 1997, has been completely renovated from the ground up and the restoration/renovation just finished has created a state of the art, learning environment comparable to none.

The original 86,857 sq. foot building was completely gutted to the bare outside walls and a new 11,000 square foot addition has been architecturally blended resulting in effectively a totally new school.

Students faculty, staff and parents are greeted at an entrance designed to make entering the building convenient and safe. Once inside, the colors, materials, and furnishing produce a sense that this space is a place to learn and grow.

The new building hosts a modern, energy efficient heating and air conditioning system that maintains a comfortable space year-round. All of the furniture throughout the building is new and each classroom is equipped with an Interactive Projector and White Boards with internet connectivity, LED lighting and abundant window areas which make it more conducive to learning.

A new gymnasium, technology center and fully outfitted auditorium, including all of the equipment needed to mount stage productions; lighting, sound and scenery, all enhance the learning experience.

While the original budget was $53 million; in addition to being completed on time, the project came in $8 million under budget: a testimony to the teamwork among the architect, Kaestle/Boos of New Britain, the management firm Newfield Construction, city staff, and the School Building Committee.

The Smalley School renovation is yet another example of good things happening in New Britain and can only contribute to strengthening the city’s future with well-educated students prepared in an environment second to none.

Fran Wolski

School Building Committee Chair

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