YOUR VIEW: Rally to help our schools

Published on Wednesday, 2 October 2019 13:47
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To The Editor:

Thank you and Catherine Shen for your coverage of the New Britain Education forum held at Smalley Elementary School Tuesday evening. We are encouraged in our reading of the planned changes (beginning 2021-22) to make Connecticut’s school curriculum and staff more diverse and inclusive.

However, for those having an abundance of concern for all New Britain students and teachers, the district’s 2018-2019 Smarter Balanced Assessment results are of immediate critical concern. The recent test results show that there has been no overall improvement in student and teacher performance, for most schools, for the past five years.

We would ask that all of us with an interest in the success of our students, teachers, and schools rally to the aid of our schools with deliberate speed, and employ proven corrective measures for the benefit of todos los ninos, wszystkie dzieci, tutti i bambino, Suoyou de haizi, jyme al’atfal, tous les enfants, all the children.

Willis E. Moore Sr.

New Britain

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