YOUR VIEW: Bad behavior must be punished

Published on Tuesday, 15 October 2019 20:38
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To The Editor:

On the October 9, 2019, New Britain Common Council we passed a historic resolution about combating climate change.

The resolution mentions the huge danger that climate change poses to humanity and to New Britain and lays out the steps and actions the city of New Britain should take to enhance the city’s resiliency to weather catastrophes and to reduce carbon footprint. Despite the importance of this resolution and the fact that it passed unanimously, the event also involved unprofessional behavior and mockery by a highly paid city employee.

While I was reading the climate change resolution and being televise in the local channel, Mr. Perugini, the deputy Finance director who came to the meeting to testify about budget issues, was sitting behind me and flashing a sign “hi mom” to the delight of some Republican legislators. This behavior is unprofessional, childish, and disrespectful not only to me but to the city council as a whole.

A week after this incident, the mayor is yet to discipline Mr. Perugini raising the possibility that this mockery behavior is actively encourage by the Stewart administration. I call for disciplining Mr. Perugini and for him to provide a public apology for his behavior.

It is not the first time that Mr. Perugini expressed contempt and mockery to the democrats on the city council.

Alderman Aram Ayalon

New Britain

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