YOUR VIEW: Wrongful conviction? Lawyers need to re-orient their moral compasses

Published on Tuesday, 22 October 2019 14:50
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To the Editor:

Wrongful conviction? It was with great disgust, that I learn that Joshua Komisarjevsky, who, with Steven Hayes, committed the most vile and heinous murders the state of Connecticut has ever experienced, has managed to find two lawyers, John Holdridge and Moira Bulkley, who, unashamedly, have petitioned the State Supreme Court for a new trial. To refresh the minds of readers...Jennifer Hawke Petit, wife of Dr. William Petit and their daughters, Hayley, 17 and Mikaela, 11, were brutally raped and murdered, in a home invasion, which occurred on July 23rd, 2007. Komisarjevsky and Hayes were arrested at the Petit home, after they had disabled Dr. Petit and tied the women to their beds, doused them with gasoline and set the home on fire. Both men were found guilty, in what these two lawyers are claiming was an unfair trial? It’s unfortunate that the death sentences, handed down to both murderers...Hayes in 2010 and Komisarjevsky, in 2012, couldn’t be carried out because the state’s Supreme Court, in a ruling, abolished the death penalty, in 2015, long after the trials and, in defiance of the state legislature, made that ruling retroactive, resulting in both murderers being re-sentenced to life terms. I have a question I tried to get answered in a phone call to the Connecticut State Bar Association. The person, with whom I spoke, claimed she didn’t know the answer. The question was...who is paying these two lawyers? Perhaps the Herald can find out the answer to my question? It sure isn’t Komisarjevsky, who, along with Hayes, is sitting comfortably in his prison cell in Pennsylvania, watching TV and enjoying free food and medical care. Something tells me that these two lawyers, shining examples of why there are so many lawyer jokes, are being paid by the citizens of Connecticut. If so, they should be charged with scamming the tax payers of Connecticut. Business in their law offices must be slow, these days. I cannot fathom the possibility that the State Supreme Court would grant a new trial to one of the most evil persons who ever lived. They should debate that possibility for about 10 seconds and inform these two lawyers to re-orient their moral compasses.

Joe Arnone

New Britain

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