YOUR VIEW: Make a better choice for Newington

Published on Wednesday, 23 October 2019 14:01
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To the Editor,

The assault on my wallet continues here in Connecticut even though the federal economy is thriving. It seems like there is a new tax in effect almost monthly as the state tries to find new sources of revenue to replace the tax income from the small businesses and citizens that are leaving the state in droves. While we were all talking about tolls, our Democrat Governor and local Democrat representatives were also working on a prepared food tax, raising minimum wage, and banning plastic bags, to name a few foolhardy initiatives. Where the collected funds go always seems to be a tangled mystery, adding frustration to my budget. And as if the endless taxation from the state isn’t bad enough, I have concerns right here in Newington. In the past three years, my property taxes have gone up every year to the tune of almost ten percent. As a taxpayer, I can complain but I don’t have a choice in the matter; the number just goes up. The incumbent Democrat majority continues to throw gasoline on the fire. We need protection. We need Beth DelBuono and the entire slate of Republican candidates to be our elected, local voice of reason. If you watched the debate on NCTV, you saw an experienced professional in Beth and an unprepared politician in Jim. Now we have a responsibility on November 5th to make the better choice for not only Newington, but our budgets and our future.

Jeremy Whetzel


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