YOUR VIEW: Re-elect Alderman Sanchez

Published on Thursday, 24 October 2019 18:13
Written by Paul Zagorsky

To The Editor:

I write in support of the re-election of Alderman-at-Large Emmanuel “Manny” Sanchez. He opposed the City’s ill-conceived attempt to give away Patton Brook Well to Southington for one million dollars. The value of that water is approximately 1.2 million dollars a year. He didn’t buy the Mayor’s rationale that we have an overabundance of water, it’s not hooked up, and will cost a million dollars to fix. When the sale fell through, it was tested and produced a million gallons a day for weeks. The cost to get it operational - $10,000.00.

He opposed the Mayor and Tilcon’s proposed destruction of protected Class I and II watershed which would have negatively impacted both New Britain and Southington’s water systems, and set a precedent putting all of the State’s drinking water at risk. He recognized the fallacy of the argument that it’s about creating a reservoir (in 50 plus years) and saw it for what it was- strip mining protected watershed for corporate profit.

He authored a much needed directive to the City’s Water Department to determine what actions were taken (and not taken) in response to the City’s prolonged and unannounced drought (residents not asked to conserve until about 6 months in when water supplies were about 30%) which forced it to spend $436,000.00 to purchase water from the Metropolitan District Commission.

In a February 9, 1917 address to the Smalley School Parents and Teachers Association, Clerk P. J. Egan of the City’s Water Board gave the history of the City’s water supply, stating “The most important element in a water supply, next to abundance, is it’s purity and protection of the watershed” and that our water supply needs to be carefully watched. I agree, and so does Manny.

Paul E. Zagorsky

New Britain

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