YOUR VIEW: My mother, Jessie Salley, is dependable and hardworking; she has my vote

Published on Thursday, 24 October 2019 18:19
Written by Mackenzie Litke

To The Editor:

If I could describe my mother, Jessie Salley, in two words, they would be dependable and hardworking. She is always there for the people that need them most and has always wanted what’s best for this town and for our community.

When I learned that she was running for town council, I was not only proud of her decision because I knew that she can change our town for the better, I also knew that the people in this town would love to know that they have someone like her representing them.

My mother raised my brother and me to not only have pride in our town but also love for the people in this community. We were shown what love for this small town was, and how to have a school spirit like none other. Nothing was more important to me in high school than being a Plainville Blue Devil. The reason this is her first time running is that she has spent the last 21 years raising my brother and me all by herself.

She at times worked 2 plus jobs just to give us the best life she could possibly provide. If that doesn’t show determination and perseverance, I don’t know what will. I know that she is ready to turn her attention to making this town more beautiful, cohesive, and inclusive by focusing on issues that not only concern one portion of our community but all parts. She wants to include everyone in the conversation so that everyone is heard on the pressing issues that our little town faces. Vote for not only Jessie Salley, but all Democrats on Nov. 5.

Mackenzie Litke


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