YOUR VIEW: Edward Reid's Aug. meeting shouldn't have been canceled

Published on Friday, 25 October 2019 14:36
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To The Editor:

The article by Michelle Jalbert published in the New Britain Herald on Aug. 22, 2019, titled: “New Britain’s Gen. Haller Post cancels guest speaker amid backlash “described the events in relation to a planned meeting with Edward Reid that was cancelled as a result of accusations and threats against the speaker and the facilities where the meeting was to take place.

We Americans of Polish descent as well as members of other ethnic groups, including Jewish, are angered by the cancellation of the meeting without an attempt at verifying the validity of the accusations. All Mr. Reid was trying to do was to meet and talk about historical facts that are available to anyone to verify in official historical sources.

“Star” accuser of Mr. Reid and the main instigator of the cancellation of the meeting, Mr. Aram Ayalon, should have no credibility with anyone because of his ignorance, anti-Polonism, his unsubstantiated claims, and his disrespect for freedom of speech. In his statements published by the New Britain Herald, Mr. Ayalon makes numerous errors. Mr. Alayon blames the murder of the Jewish residents of Jedwabne on the Poles. Such a charge is, in the least controversial since exhumation to the crime site is not finalized. Most evidence points to the crime being committed by a particular German death squad operating in the area at the time that was lead by Herman Schaper, convicted by a German court for similar murders of Jews in other towns in the Jedwabne area.

According to the book by Jewish writer Maik, Michael Deliverance: the diary of Michael Maik : a true story, several Jewish and Polish eyewitnesses reported that the Nazi Germans were directly responsible for the massacre. Actually, one of the current residents of New Britain, Connecticut, who eye witnessed the Jedwabne tragedy, gave numerous interviews where she firmly confirms Nazi Germans responsibility for the massacre. A forensic examination of the scene determined that less than 340 people died in Jedwabne, not 1,700 as Mr. Aram Alayon claims.

Mr. Edward Reid and the organizers of the meeting, as well the citizens of Connecticut that were interested in attending the meeting deserve an apology for the unjust characterization of Mr. Reid that then prompted the cancellation of the meeting. We all expect that a meeting with Mr. Reid will take place in the near future in our community, and we will be happy to invite Mr. Ayalon, and anyone else interested in joining us in open and civilized conversation. We can only build a better future in our community for all of us on a foundation of truth, and respect for the feelings and ideas of others.

Adrian Szklarsk


New Britain

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