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Published on Tuesday, 29 October 2019 19:01
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To The Editor:

Election Day is around the corner: Know your voting status.

Election Day is almost here. As November 5th approaches we, along with other Connecticut Registrars, want to make sure you’re registered to vote and able to easily and successfully cast your ballot. Wherever you stand on the issues, as the bipartisan, non-political administrators of your elections, we want to say in one unified voice: We’re here to assist you.

We want you to be prepared for Election Day, and it’s important to us that you know all the resources available. You can visit any Registrar’s office-located at any Town or City Hall-to check your status or register to vote, whether you live there or not. You can also register to vote by visiting Residents have until Tuesday, October 29 to register for this year’s election.

If you can’t register by then, you have another opportunity with Election Day Registration (EDR). It’s important to know where your EDR location is because, by law, towns and cities are only permitted to have one. Please try to get there as early as you can so you have enough time to both register and vote before polls close at 8 p.m.

Voting is the fundamental core of our democracy and we hope to see you taking part on Election Day. If you need assistance ahead of time, come see us or give us a call!

Burlington: Beverly Jackson    (D) and Donna Rusgove (R)

East Windsor: Angelo Sevarino (D) and Karen Gaudreau (R)        

Enfield: Lewis Fiore (D) and Thomas Kienzler (R)

Granby: Laura Wolfe (D) and Sonja Smith (R)

Hartford: Giselle Feliciano     (D) and Sheila Hall (R)

Manchester: Jim Stevenson (D) and Tim Becker (R)

Marlborough: Ann Kilby (D) and Dorothy Denniss (R)

New Britain: Lucian Pawlak (D) and Peter Gostin (R)

Newington: Marie Fox (D)and Theresa Avery (R)

Rocky Hill: Don Francis (D)and Gerry Yoo (R)

Simsbury: Karen Cortes (D) and Susan Salina (R)

South Windsor: Sue Larsen (D) and Susan Burnham    (R)

Suffield: Darlene Burrell    (D) and Lynn Joyal (R)

West Hartford: Patrice Peterson (D) and Beth Kyle (R)

Wethersfield: Camille Mogelnicki (D) and Carol Garvey-Hurley (R)

Connecticut Registrars of Voters

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