YOUR VIEW: Elected officials need to be civil

Published on Tuesday, 29 October 2019 19:06
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To The Editor:

Last Saturday I attended the League of Women Voters “debate” at Trinity on Main. There was a pretty good crowd and much enthusiasm on both “sides of the aisle”. All was civil and all candidates behaved appropriately, until, during a question about City Hall hiring new employees, there was a sudden loud and angry outburst from the man sitting directly behind me. I was pretty shocked by the volume and fury in his voice. I turned around and meekly said to him, “It’s his opinion. We have free speech.”

Imagine my surprise when I realized that the yelling guy turned out to be our newly elected State Senator, Republican Genarro Bizzarro. He was in a rage and was promptly asked to leave. As he was leaving, he snarled at me, “Don’t ever speak like that to me again”.

It is ironic and sad that our former State Senator, Democrat Terry Gerratana, known for her civility and ability to be bipartisan, was replaced by a guy who had to be asked to leave a public forum presented by the neutral League of Women Voters.

In thirty years of, sometimes testy, New Britain politics, I’d never seen such a bizarre and uncalled for outburst. It is clear that ALL candidates AND elected officials need to try harder to be civil and professional at all times.

Rosemary Klotz

New Britain

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