YOUR VIEW: Vote to protect the planet

Published on Wednesday, 30 October 2019 16:55
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To the Editor:

New Britain’s election is coming up Tuesday, November 5th. I am hoping voters remember that Republican Mayor Erin Stewart pushed proposals that would have had devastating impacts on our environment.

Just a few years ago, during a severe drought, she proposed selling the Patton Brook Well. The next year, even more potentially devastating, she promoted the infamous “Tilcon deal” which would have allowed strip mining of our protected watershed.

The “Tilcon deal” would have made hundreds of millions for a foreign company and left New Britain with a permanently destroyed watershed, threatening our water quality.

All but one of her Republican colleagues on the City Council voted to support these awful deals, fortunately, the Democratic majority, along with our Democratic State legislators were able to stop her.

When voting in a few weeks, please don’t forget which party jeopardized our water quality and sided with an international corporation to strip-mine our precious watershed.

Democrat Chris Porcher and all of the Democratic Team on Row A will fight to protect our environment.

Adrienne Benjamin and Steve Horowitz

New Britain

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