YOUR VIEW: Democratic party in action

Published on Wednesday, 22 January 2020 19:21
Written by Bill Shortell

To The Editor:

The Democratic Town Committee is the governing body of our party in every town. In New Britain, there are 50 positions, 3, 4, or 5 from each of the 15 voting districts in the city, depending on how many registered voters there are.

The members of the DTC meet monthly, usually on the third Thursday. These meetings are open to every New Britain Democrat, and guests. In our last meeting we had 60 people. At these meetings we hear reports from our elected officials and have lively policy discussions. We also hear from our sub-committees, for instance, the voter registration committee.

Our most important task is the endorsement of candidates for office. Candidates are screened by our Nominating Committee, which makes recommendations.

DTC members also help get out the vote and raise money for the campaigns.

Every two years the DTC has an election of its membership, open to all registered New Britain Democrats. Registered Democrats may see us knocking at your door during the next two weeks, as we circulate petitions seeking to be elected or re-elected to the DTC.

Look for us!


This is also the time when the newly-elected Common Council votes on a budget. You can expect a spirited debate over the details. In her recent column in this paper you might have noticed Mayor Erin Stewart suggesting a couple of items on raising money for the city which are controversial.

One was the idea that we sell city property as a one-time source of revenue. Not only is this an admission that we cannot live with our income, it also puts in danger some of our prized possessions. You may remember the heated debate over the proposed sale of the Patton Brook well, in the middle of a drought.

The other was a hint at once again re-negotiating the city’s debt. This was a huge debate in 2018. The mayor had changed the way that the debt is repaid by reducing the amount per year in the next couple of years to very little ($5 million) and then ballooning it to $40 million down the road.

You may recognize a political motivation in this payment system…

After a long discussion, the council agreed to an average of $20 million, which is what has been normal over the years.

Bill Shortell

Chairman of the New Britain Democratic Town Committee

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