YOUR VIEW: Local rep's words are very wrong

Published on Friday, 22 October 2021 21:35
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To the Editor:

The Black and Puerto Rican Caucus is correct in condemning State Representative Gale Mastrofrancesco's faulty comparison of George Floyd's dying words, “I can't breathe” to those of children wearing masks in school.

A man lying on the ground with a policeman's knee on his neck is a serious life threatening situation. Children wearing masks to ward off COVID-19 are in a life-saving situation. Aside from there being no comparison between the two situations, the Representative makes light of George Floyd's last words and reveals her racial bias and human insensitivity.

Representative Mastrofrancesco [who represents parts of Southington and Wolcott] should reconsider her spoken words and step up to a public apology for this. The Representative said further that school children can't breathe with masks on. She needs to stop and think before she speaks.

Just the opposite of her words is true. How many children have been hospitalized or have died because they wore a mask? How many children have been hospitalized or have died because they failed to wear a mask? Our children can continue to breathe thanks to wearing masks.

We must do all we can to protect our kids, teachers, and school staff. No one has a right to spread disease. Until children can be safely vaccinated and the threat is under control, we should teach them the importance of being good citizens for their communities and mask up. It works!

Walt Ciplinski


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