YOUR VIEW: Turco: Please vote for Dems in Newington

Published on Monday, 25 October 2021 20:51
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To the Editor:

Next week’s municipal election will have long-lasting effects on the quality of life and future of Newington.

There are three top priority issues at stake that, if you care about as much as me, need the entire Democratic [slate] to be elected.

The first issue is the education of our children. It starts with the renovation of Anna Reynolds Elementary School that was already approved by an overwhelming town majority and has over half the funding secured from the state. But if the Democrats don’t win the majority next week, this project could be further delayed or stalled indefinity. The Democrats have committed to getting this done. They also will be working on expanding Pre-K education to all of Newington’s children and ensuring schools and teachers have the resources to succeed.

The next priority issue is the smart growth and progress of the town. One area of their focus will be the numerous blighted parcels of land and empty stores that should instead contain businesses with jobs for residents and revenue for Newington. Our previous economic development director was let go without cause, and a replacement has not been hired in two years. The Democrats have committed to hiring an economic development director and renewing the focus on redeveloping properties for commercial and industrial businesses while maintaining current open space. These new businesses will help deliver revenue to keep property taxes down for residents, especially for our seniors and families.

The last important issue is the transparency and openness of government. Newington deserves a government it can trust and one that serves the interest of the people. The Democrats have committed to making our town government more modern and responsive to the needs of the people.

Turnout during municipal elections is usually dismal, and a small percentage of overall voters elect our local government. Let’s not let this happen again. Grab your neighbors and friends. When our town votes in large numbers, it votes for Democratic principles, growth and progress, and policies that lift up all residents.

Please join me in voting for Chris Miner and the entire Democratic slate of candidates on Row A on Tuesday, November 2nd.

State Rep. Gary Turco


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