YOUR VIEW: Support the Build Back Better bill

Published on Monday, 13 December 2021 16:31
Written by Avi Ornstein

To the Editor:

The House has passed the Build Back Better Bill. Now it is time for the Senate to follow suit.

This legislation encompasses a variety of issues that are critical for our nation to move in a positive direction. An important component will enable us to move toward facing the issue of climate change, an effort that I have been supporting for half a century.

It makes investments in important clean energy efforts while simultaneously creating a wide array of new jobs. At the same time, it secures universal pre-K education that is necessary for our society to advance to meet the challenges of the future. It also addresses lowering drug prices and making medicine more available for senior citizens. In addition, it avoids increasing our national debt by raising taxes on the wealthy, many of whom currently pay no taxes at all. It also includes enhancing tax enforcement. For most tax-paying citizens, there will be no detriment in this respect. The bill includes a wide range of other components, and I urge others to investigate this issue, as it can make a true positive impact on our future!

Avi Ornstein

New Britain

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