YOUR VIEW: The story of Bob Story is about a person who cared

Published on Monday, 17 January 2022 20:35
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To the Editor:

I want to share some thoughts about Bob Story, owner of Story Brother’s, who passed away recently.

Bob was also a good friend and supporter of the Klingberg Auto Restoration Program and our students. He helped us buy the first Klingberg antique automobile, a 1914 Ford, that became and still is, our mascot. Bob mentored many auto students at his garage and assisted us with many projects that were beyond our ability. He was asked by our shop teacher to straighten the frame of one of our cars and do it with the students present so they could learn the process. Bob readily agreed to do it and also had cider and donuts for the students when they arrived.

Several years ago, when the New Britain Chamber of Commerce was giving Story Brothers a Business of the Year Award, they asked me to present the award at the Chamber Annual Dinner. Knowing Bob, I had plenty of good things to talk about, but one story stood out for me. I told about a young, single mom whose car was in desperate need of repair and Bob agreed to repair it even though she could not afford it. When he found out that she didn’t even have money for groceries, he had someone take her to the grocery store to buy her what she needed for herself and her kids.

Not always noticeable on the outside, but Bob had a loving and generous heart. For this and his friendship, he will be missed by us at Klingberg.

Mark Johnson

Klingberg VP

New Britain

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