Neighbor of Ukrainian church pens poem

Published on Friday, 11 March 2022 16:23
Written by James Mason

To the Editor:

In light of the recent developments that have exacerbated stability, peace and sovereignty in Ukraine, I decided to express my views through the language of poetry and to share this sentiment with others in our community. These are very difficult and challenging times and without any foreseeable solutions to the crisis, leave many of us asking a simple question: Why? Hopefully, in the near future answers and solutions will begin to surface, but for now it remains quite murky.

I live close by to the Ukrainian Church here in New Britain, and over the years have developed a friendship with Father Stephan, who is the pastor. He has family back home and although they are in the western part of the country, nowhere is safe. The bright side of this conundrum is people are demonstrating true Christian values by donating their food, clothing and money throughout the country to ease the difficulties of those in harm’s way.


Satan mounts his black stallion and gallops toward the west, along with his minions in search of another bloodthirsty conquest,

He sets his sights on the borderland, or otherwise known as Ukraine,

And without the slightest provocation, unleashes his battle hardened brigade.

A column of tanks advance forward, toward the capital city in stride, With the objective of capturing it readily, once they arrive inside,

But the resistance was too strong and held them back behind the line,

A logistics malfunction proved worthy of dismantling their deluded pride.

These brave warriors took up arms to defend every inch of precious soil, And fought courageously against the barbarians thrusting toil,

With cities destroyed and pillaged, they now lie in rubble and ruin, And even though the tide is turning slowly, victory will be theirs soon.

The flag of Ukraine is a simple bi-colored blue and yellow banner which symbolizes the land, and its sovereignty, a place for freedom to gather.

Their independence is being challenged against the weight of totalitarian control, While the world watches steadfastly, to see how it all unfolds.

Wars casualties can render the strongest among us to come undone, as witnessed by a man clinging desperately to the corpse of his dying son,

What the people of Ukraine lack in munitions, they gained all the more through prayer, the most effective weapon capable of destroying the DEVIL'S LAIR!

James Mason

New Britain

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