YOUR VIEW: Disgusted at state rep.'s claim to reside in 77th

Published on Monday, 14 March 2022 20:41
Written by Richard P. Saporito


As a constituent of the 77th district I am disgusted by the actions of our former State Representative Cara Pavalock-D’Amato [“Address in question,” The Bristol Press/New Britain Herald, March 11].

I use the term “former” because in my mind she abdicated her seat in the Legislature when she moved out of our district to her new exclusive enclave of million-dollar homes. That she would be so cynical as to fabricate a clearly fraudulent story that she actually lives in a one room efficiency apartment which I am sure is smaller than a shower stall in her new mansion is a real slap in the face to myself and my neighbors in the 77th.

How gullible do you take us for Cara? Is this the respect you show to your constituents?

You have demonstrated numerous times before that you are a pretty arrogant person, the most recent example being your taking an inexpensive housing unit off the market to satisfy your own political ambition while others struggle to find an affordable place to live. But this complete disregard for the Constitution of the state and for the right of the people of the 77th district to be represented by someone who actually lives here takes the cake.

I applaud Morris Patton for exposing this travesty and hope the Election Enforcement Commission and the Legislature take swift action to remove Mrs. D’Amato from office so the people of the 77th can be represented by someone who actually cares enough to live here.

I also call upon the Bristol Republican Town Committee to censure Mrs. D’Amato, but I suspect they instead will congratulate her on her “clever” ability to subvert the will of the people. Lest we forget, Cara led the charge a few years ago to remove a city council member who moved a single block out of district to care for his ailing mother.

I guess we can add hypocrite to the list of Cara’s accomplishments.

Richard P. Saporito



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