Medical device manufacturer values CCSU relationship

Published on Monday, 6 August 2018 18:55
Written by Karla Santos


NEW BRITAIN - A manufacturing company that started in 1911 is still running and hopes to improve its technologies for better productivity.

Okay Industries, located at 200 Ellis St., was first named B. Jahn Manufacturing. The company was renamed in 1968 by Edward Okay.

The majority of the business serves the medical device industry. The company makes parts for surgical devices, implants, as well as for robotic surgeries.

Okay industries uses a variety of machines with different capabilities such as stamping, machining, laser processing, and automatic and robotic assembly.

For about 15 years, the company has handled automation technology to improve productivity, safety and increases the quality of the parts.

“There is a lot new with robots in terms of using vision systems as well tied to robots for inspection,” Jason Howey, president of Okay Industries, said. “There’s also a lot of part handling, we make a lot of surgical blade components, how you handle the parts without damage or anybody getting hurt has been quite a big investment.

Howey said that the company will continue to invest in laser technology because it makes the product better, faster and smarter.

A combination of automated assembly and laser are the technologies that Howey considers the highlight of the company.

The process of how parts are made at Okay Industries is of extreme importance to the company, Howey added.

“We make some parts that they put inside your body, and they stay in your body,” Howey said. “You can’t think of anything that has to be of a higher quality than something that you are going to put inside somebody and it’s going to stay there. Many of our products save lives, and if we don’t do our jobs right it can cause someone else’s life. That’s the importance of the job that we do and that’s why seeking quality is our true biggest value.”

In the future, Okay Industries will continue to grow its automation technology.

“We used to just make parts, now we make self-assemblies, so a lot of the parts we put them together. That is a key part of our strategy.”

In addition to keeping up with quality and technology, Okay Industries has a partnership with CCSU. The company awards scholarships to students focusing on mechanical or manufacturing engineering. The company also has two paid internship programs, and it promotes manufacturing and engineering to students in junior high school. About 40 students will tour the Berlin facility of Okay Industries on Tuesday.

“The leadership at Okay Industries has been a long-standing collaborator with CCSU and the Institute of Technology and Business Development (ITBD),” Richard Mullins, CCSU’s executive assistant to the president, said. “Okay has participated in leadership roles of the ITBD Advisory Committee and student scholarships in the School of Engineering Science and Technology. Okay Industries is one of the progressive companies in the region that has consistently made process and technology upgrades in their manufacturing processes, which has allowed for local facilities expansion. They participate in many workforce development training initiatives at CCSU ITBD and open their doors to interns, coops and student tours of their facilities. ”

Okay Industries also has a facility in Costa Rica. To learn more about its services visit its website at .

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