At Duksa Family Funeral Homes, being a funeral director is a calling

Published on Tuesday, 27 June 2017 20:46
Written by Charles Paullin

Staff Writer

NEWINGTON - Her father bought into a partnership with Burritt Hill Funeral Home in New Britain in 1952.

Without a funeral home in Newington, Matthew R. Duksa Sr. and his wife, Dorothy K. Duksa, opened a funeral parlor at 20 Bonair Ave., and the family has been providing funeral services across both homes ever since.

“We really pride ourselves on being good listeners,” said Diana Duksa Kurz, who is a co-owner of the parlor with her mother, Dorothy K. Duksa, and brother Matthew R. Duksa Jr. Diane’s son James Kurz Jr. is a licensed director with the home, too.

With the Burritt Hill home located at 332 Burritt St., New Britain, and the Newington home at 20 Bonair Ave., Newington, the Duksa Family Funeral homes provide all the services needed to help families with funeral planning, in a unique and memorable way to the individuals receiving services.

“We have the right people doing the right jobs, at the right times,” said Alexander Scott, one of 11 licensed funeral directors who works across both homes.

That means individuals will solely focus with patient care matters, in terms of preparation for the deceased; people who handle the administrative work with legal paperwork, certificates and documents that need to be filed; arranging and directing services; advanced planning only and helping people set up accounts ahead of time; bereavement support services after the fact; and do it all as a team.

“We truly are a full circle funeral home,” said Scott.

Featuring two chapels at the Burritt Hill Funeral Home, and two different chapels, with one that can be split in half at the Newington Funeral Home, Duksa Family Funeral Homes can meet a variety of needs.

“We can do up to three services at a time,” Duksa Kurz said.

The home has kept with the times by providing movie and slide show creations, providing music playlist availability through Pandora or Spotify and has hired their own acoustic musician.

Amidst it all, the recipients of the National Funeral directors Association Pursuit of Excellence Golden Eagle - one of only five in the state - is involved with the community.

Duksa Kurz and Scott have been members of various boards throughout the years including the Lions Club, Rotary Club and Sacred Heart.

“It’s a calling … you don’t choose to be a funeral director, it really is a sacrifice,” said Duksa Kurz. “When someone leaves here, they know a funeral director was all about the family.”

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