Personal touch matters at Ceglarz Motor Repair

Published on Tuesday, 22 August 2017 21:43
Written by Charles Paullin

Staff Writer

NEW BRITAIN - It is about the quality of work and personal connection with customers, not the quantity.

That’s the model Piotr Ceglarz, 38, owner of Ceglarz Motor Repair & Sales Inc. and a city resident for 27 years, follows.

“I enjoy working on vehicles, that’s one. Number two, I also enjoy helping customers with their vehicles.” said Ceglarz, who runs the family-owned- and-operated business that has been open since 2000.

He has always had a passion for cars and helping others. “It’s great that I know it, but it’s great that I can help others with it as well,” Ceglarz said.

The shop, at 581 West Main St., offers it all when it comes to vehicles, with repairs, performance upgrades, wheel and tire service, body work, car sales and use of new and used parts.

“We might be a smaller company, but we offer a lot more services than the other larger guys,” said Ceglarz of his shop that has three full-time employees and one part-timer, all of whom provide full focus and attention while working.

“We pretty much offer everything. Just don’t let your car get hit by a train. Then we can’t fix it at all.”

What sets Ceglarz apart from other automotive garages are the quality services it provides and trust it shares with customers, and the fact that it hasn’t changed their labor rate in over a decade.

“We repair the issue once. We won’t sell you want you don’t need. We tell you what can wait,” said Ceglarz, who added that his shop always maintains up-to-date technology, tools and software, such as a new vehicle scanner that scans the engine, body work and whole vehicle.

“I know what the big dealerships charge. Let’s face it, I’m much lesser when it comes to cost wise,” said Ceglarz, who explained he’s the guy who answers the phone call at 12:30 a.m. while he’s on vacation when a customer is stranded and needs help. “I have the lowest labor in town.”

In addition to getting your car into tip-top shape, the shop offers a Vehicle Locator Program that helps customers find the car make, model, trim level and accessories they desire, by visiting auctions, and provides help with financing, all for a small fee.

“It’s all about making customers happy,” said Chris Podkowiak, who works at the shop. “We have a lot of repeat customers.”

At a separate garage in New Britain, Ceglarz also offers auto body work while helping with insurance companies and the paperwork. He also offers sales out of South Carolina and possibly an expanded service garage in Florida. The shop also has sold cars in all 50 states and overseas in Poland and Nigeria.

“It all depends on the quality of service you offer,” said Ceglarz. “Why have one Ceglarz? Why not have four or three, why not a dozen, why not a franchise?”

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