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Published on Tuesday, 12 December 2017 21:56
Written by Charles Paullin

Staff Writer

BERLIN - It’s a disease that maybe isn’t discussed as much as others, but there’s a center in New Britain that knows all about it.

Vein Centers of Connecticut, 23 Cedar St., is a medical practice dedicated to diagnosing and treating varicose vein disease with minimally invasive therapies.

“There are some new, impressive technologies,” said Dr. Alfred Gladstone, who founded the practice as one of the first in the state.

Varicose vein disease stems from faulty saphenous vein valves allowing blood to flow backwards down the leg veins. This increases pressure and triggers nerves to cause leg pain, throbbing and fatigue.

The pressure also enlarges veins under the skin causing them to bulge. The saphenous vein, is the source of most varicose vein problems, said Gladstone.

“It’s like the tree trunk of the veins while the varicose veins are the branches,” said Gladstone.

Current treatment involves heating the saphenous vein with laser treatment or radio frequency devices that require numbing the vein with lidocaine. New treatment options do not require heat or multiple numbing injections.

They are even less invasive with faster recovery time, said Gladstone. There is less bruising and discomfort.

One of these new technologies, Venaseal, involves injecting a specially designed medical adhesive, a glue, to the seal the saphenous vein in place. No vein heating is needed.

Option two, called Varithena, is similar to the first one and uses a sclerosing foam to seal the saphenous vein.

Option three uses a rotating wire and sclerosant to close the saphenous vein, a new technology called Clarivein.

After saphenous vein treatment, the center offers microphelebectomy of varicose veins to remove the bulging veins directly.

With any minimally invasive option taken, treatments are designed specifically for each individual after evaluation in our office with a medical history, physical exam and leg vein ultrasound.

In addition to varicose vein treatment, the center offers aesthetic treatments for skin including laser hair and tattoo removal and Botox, Juvederm and Kybella injections.

Gladstone said the staff of doctors, physician assistants and nurses are always staying current with new procedures and technologies as they become available. As of Jan. 2018, the new varicose vein treatment methods may be covered by most major insurance companies, Gladstone said.

Started in New Britain 13 years ago, the center has since expanded to Madison and Wallingford.

“We’re one of the oldest vein centers in Connecticut, offering the newest state of the art therapies” said Gladstone.

For more information, contact the center in New Britain at 860-229-8346.

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