MidState Air Compressor: A personal touch

Published on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 22:05
Written by Charles Paullin


BERLIN - Carol Salvo had owned her own computer consulting firm for 20 years and her husband Sal Calvo performed service work for several years before they started their own company.

After research told them there weren’t many new businesses starting up in air compression, they founded MidState Air Compressor in 2010.

“We consider ourselves a customer service company,” said Sal Calvo. “We felt that if we could do some great service work, we thought we could be successful.”

Located at 1492 Berlin Turnpike, the business has been successful by offering quality, complete, full-line industrial equipment service and repair capabilities for air compressors. All while providing quality customer care for all types of industries and businesses sizes, not just the Pratt & Whitney’s and Sikorsky’s.

“When you start to have a sense of urgency for a customer and attention to detail, people want that service,” said Sal Calvo.

MidState Air Compressor works with medical offices, automotive shops, aircraft builders, food packagers - like Guida’s Dairy of New Britain - coffee makers, breweries and every industry in between.

Facilities and firefighters of different municipalities utilize services from MidState Air Compressor too for schools, golf courses and water treatment functions.

“Our thoughts were if we can come to the table and take care of the smaller companies (bigger ones) were leaving, we would be successful,” said Sal Calvo.

What makes MidState Air Compressor different is their personal touch.

“We offer high quality service at affordable rates with the personal touch that goes along with it,” said Sal Calvo.

The business owners are always trying to stay modern and relevant with their staff of 24 by integrating new technologies wherever possible.

“We’re team MidState … when you do that, everybody knows the customers, it’s not one individual. So when they call in, they can talk to people they are.”

Somebody always answers the phone, not an answering service, and, even after regular business hours, Sal and Carol Calvo are available.

“Our big goal is, and always has to be, the ultimate service company in the area,” said Sal Calvo on going forward with his business. “It’s not to be the biggest, it’s to be the best. And we are going to work on being the best we possibly can.”


Posted in New Britain Herald, on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 22:05. Updated: Wednesday, 24 January 2018 10:54.