At Mr. Joseph's, it's about much more than hair

Published on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 22:06
Written by Charles Paullin


NEW BRITAIN - It is a full-service spa that touts tradition, international experience and quality service.

Mr. Joseph’s Hair Salon & Spa, located at 272 West Main St., has been around since the 1960s, when it began as a barber shop. The shop’s current owner, Peter Delfino, got involved in the business in 1970 and over time the business converted to a salon and spa.

“It’s a passion of mine that started when I was young,” said Delfino.

Wanting to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, who was a barber with creativity, dedication and a drive for perfection, Delfino enjoys the creativity of his job and friendships he builds with his customers.

“It’s exciting and a challenge,” said Delfino. “From that point on I drove to be the best of the best.”

The full-service spa offers everything one can expect from a spa: hair cuts for men and women, manicures, pedicures, colorings, highlights, extensions, facials and more. For hair extensions, Delfino’s team will use 100 percent authentic hair from Italy.

What sets the salon apart from its competition is the family friendly atmosphere the staff creates for their customers who have been returning again and again.

“We have the most loyal customers,” said Delfino. “They’ve been following us for years.” He said people who move out of state will come back to New Britain specifically for a hair cut at his place. One individual went back after 20 years of being away in preparation of a family event back in the city.

“Success and good service. That’s how you do it,” said Delfino.

What also sets the salon and spa apart is their success at competitions around the country and world. Members of Mr. Joseph’s Hair Salon & Spa team have won multiple hair competitions in the U.S. and a couple world championships.

From these competitions, as well as attending and judging at trade shows, Delfino’s team is always staying on top of emerging trends and bettering their skills.

The spa has 15 chairs and a designated room for events, such as wedding parties in which snacks and champagne are available. It also has a massage room.

In the years ahead, Delfino said his business is looking forward to getting more into hair replacements for men and women with new technologies being introduced.

“Thank you to my crew,” said Delfino, who he credits with much of the success. “It’s a family oriented salon.”


Posted in New Britain Herald, on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 22:06. Updated: Wednesday, 24 January 2018 10:54.