Modern Edge Salon: Cutting-edge hair styling

Published on Tuesday, 12 March 2019 20:59
Written by Karla Santos


NEWINGTON - Modern Edge Salon LLC goes out of its way to exceed customers’ expectations, from styling hair to the custom manufacturing of products that are unique to the clients’ needs.

“We make and formulate our own products for our clients,” said Daniel Nascimento, who owns the business with his wife, Christine. “It’s a different business approach entirely in regards to our salon. We try to get our clients involved with every aspect of our business. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand the art and chemistry of what we are doing, not only when it comes to what is done behind the chair but the products they take home as well.”

According to the owners, what makes their business different from other salons is that Modern Edge is specialized in being the master on its craft. Their knowledge of the industry goes beyond the colors, cuts and products.

“We know the base formulas of what is needed in order to make a proper shampoo or a conditioner or a styling product,” Nascimento said. “We put and incorporate certain additives into our products and we work with chemists and other manufacturers to give people in our area what they want, based on what they deal with environmentally.”

Formulas are made specifically for the salon, which gives clients samples to use at home and depends mostly on feedback from its clientele. They frequently change the products based on the clients’ needs before they go into manufacturing and retail.

“We are involved in every aspect, even our flat irons that we use. We have gone through hundreds of prototypes and encourage clients to come in for product research and development, to make sure everything is going to be absolutely perfect before we go into manufacturing for our target clientele and demographic,” Nascimento said.

Modern Element Products LLC is the manufacturer and distributor of their products. Modern Edge Salon is the other LLC in the building. Both businesses go entirely hand in hand.

“It’s a unique business approach,” Nascimento added. “We want it be very hands on with the community and we love that  the salon and the staff in every way, shape and form is heavily involved and invested in the interest of the client on a very personal level.”

The services offered at Modern Edge include chic haircuts, unique color services, keratin treatments, relaxers, extensions and conditioning treatments, as well as waxing services.

Modern Edge Salon prides itself in how personal, involved and dedicated the staff is with the clients.

 The 40-plus products made by the Modern Element Products include styling tools, brushes, shampoos, hairsprays, conditioners and extreme repair hair masks.

Prices and products can be found online at the salon’s website.

To learn more about Modern Edge Salon, visit, or call 860-667-4247.

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