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Published on Tuesday, 24 September 2019 14:46
Written by Patrice Fisher

Staff writer

NEW BRITAIN - Parents who are looking for after school programs for their children need to look no further than Work It!, a career-readiness, life skills and team building program that devotes its time and knowledge to help school-age children and adults build confidence through career coaching.

Work it! was started in 2015 by Lori Theriault who developed the program using her 30 years of Human Resources and management experience in industries such as manufacturing, construction, real estate and agriculture to help people of all ages uncover what they are passionate about.

“We want people to do what they are passionate about instead of just existing,” Theriault says.

Theriault is a pioneer of a program that works to assist students of all ages with a career coach for life and adds, “we help individuals to learn about themselves from middle school to beyond. This program fills in the gap that exists between school life and career life, giving people the confidence they need to be successful and make money doing what they love to do.”

Currently, the business holds a database of over a thousand students, connecting them with others who are like-minded. The programs begin as early as the age of 10 and all the way up through the age of 65.

“Private, public, home school, veterans, special needs students, nonprofits, adults in career transition, there is no limit to who I serve,” Theriault says.

Classes are structured towards understanding yourself and helping with relationship building, career identification, confidence, resume writing and offers a life skills summer camp. Many students have been connected to mentors and jobs.

Work It! is a debut leadership program that contains 14 modules that teaches students 14 different life skills such as financial literacy and how to network.

More recently, however, Theriault wants to focus on school-age children to make career coaching just as valuable as sports coaching.

“Since last year we have embarked on after school programs, targeting middle school students, helping them understand their learning style as a way to understand their school experience,” Theriault states.

Work It! offers a lifetime career coach starting with a two-hour class that is structured to pull out the student’s true strengths and passions - to create a plan and act on a legacy. A structure that has been very successful which Theriault believes “helps the student live out their legacy at a much younger age.”

A comprehensive career coaching for kids that identifies what their strengths are and “guides students to pick out classes that won’t bore them to death,” Theriault smiles.

Looking into the future, Theriault hopes that Work It! will continue to thrive by providing more school age and adults the opportunity to discover their passions and live the life that was meant for them.

“Connecting people with people, from middle school to retirement,” Theriault ends.

For more information on Work It!, Go to or call 860-309-0182. The after school program is available at the Farmington and Bristol locations and sign up is available through the website.

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