Avery's Soda has more flavors than ever, including popular 'Totally Gross' series

Published on Thursday, 19 November 2020 09:31
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Avery’s Soda makes its soda the same way it did in 1904, when Sherman F. Avery started the business in the infamous red barn on Corbin Ave. in New Britain. Today, they have more flavors than ever and continue to come up with new and interesting versions each year.

“Our ‘Totally Gross’ sodas are very popular,” owner Rob Metz said. “We also have our ‘Sour Puss’ sodas that are a very sweet, tart soda.”

Avery’s carries the same staple sodas they have for years, like their birch beer and ginger ale. Their “Totally Gross” sodas are drinks with funky colors and interesting names, like “Dog Drool” or “Fungal Fruit.”

Avery’s Soda is one of the oldest soda bottling companies in New England. They utilize the same methods and recipes from generations before and use real cane sugar and only the finest ingredients to make their sodas.

Metz took over Avery’s Soda about 20 years ago. Today, he said they are still doing well despite the limitations brought on by the coronavirus.

“We have very awesome, loyal customers that have been keeping us going,” Metz said. “We really want to express our appreciation to those customers.”

This year, Avery’s Soda released its popular “Coronavirus Cocktail” which has been a big hit. It’s a bright green color with flavors of orange and lime. They also released two sodas to honor this year’s presidential candidates, “Biden Berry” and “Trump Tonic.”

Later this year, they will have a special release soda called “I Survived 2020,” which is expected to be a big hit as well, and although the flavor isn’t set in stone, they are leaning toward something in the lemonade family.

“When life gives you lemons,” Metz joked, “you make lemonade.”

Gearing up for the holidays, Avery’s will also be having its “Jingle Juice” and “Elf Elixir” back in stock just in time for holiday shopping. With the additional gift giving groups on social media, and the continuation of social distancing, Avery’s Soda is something that everyone can enjoy.

Avery’s Sodas are available directly from the plant on Corbin Ave. in New Britain. They are also offering shipping for those who may not live within driving distance.

Unfortunately, Avery’s had to stop its “Make Your Own Soda” program until further notice due to the current pandemic but hopes to bring it back once everything starts to get back to normal.

Avery’s Soda is located in the big red barn on the corner of Corbin Ave. and Shuttle Meadow Ave. in New Britain. They can be reached at 860-224-0830 as well as www.averysoda.com where you can find a full list of all of their sodas.

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