Taylor Therapy Center in Newington caters to clients' physical and psychological needs

Published on Tuesday, 5 October 2021 10:12
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NEWINGTON - Taylor Therapy Center offers physical therapy and psychotherapy, as well as a variety of other services to promote the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of its clients.

The company was established in 1983 by a group of professionals who wanted to help people more effectively manage life changes. The idea behind the company was to take care of the clients’ whole selves by catering to both their physical and psychological needs.

Owner Joan-Alice Taylor, a physical therapist and a psychotherapist, said her company works to create individualized experiences for every patient to best suit their needs.

“At Taylor Therapy Center we provide a true one-on-one patient experience where the patient is the focus of care,” Taylor said. “We strive to create a warm and healing environment where patients feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and their needs.”

Taylor Therapy Center is staffed by a group of multidisciplinary professionals who specialize in physical therapy, massage therapy, psychotherapy and counseling. The facility also has a medically-supervised gym, but it is currently closed due to the pandemic.

The company’s physical therapists have experience in orthopedic therapy, geriatric therapy, women’s health and sports physical therapy. The facility’s physical therapy clinic is fully equipped to enable the therapists to perform evaluation, design individual programs and provide physical therapy treatment. The physical therapists focus on encouraging good health habits in their clients to promote overall wellness.

Each of the therapists at Taylor Therapy Center has over 20 years of experience. Individual therapy, couples therapy and group therapy are provided. Within that context, our therapists have extensive education and training in existential, behavioral, and humanistic psychotherapies and we work extensively in the body-oriented psychotherapies.

Taylor Therapy Center also offers massage therapy. The company’s massage therapists have a wide range of experience in therapeutic massage, and they integrated many techniques into their massages such as Swedish, deep-tissue, sports, acupressure, Reiki and Polarity massage techniques. It is provided in an effort to promote both emotional and physical relaxation.

For all types of therapy offered, the key is connection between the therapist and the client, Taylor said.

“We encourage patients to work with the therapist to facilitate a mutual connection to help achieve the restoration of the patient’s function,” Taylor said. “Therapy is a cooperative process at its best.”

Taylor said the reward for her and her staff is seeing patients leave after successful treatment.

“We strive to enable and empower our patients as they are sometimes at their most fragile when initially coming to therapy and our reward is seeing patients successfully leave us,” Taylor said

Taylor Therapy Center is located at 9 Elmwood Ct in Newington. For more information call 860-953-1204 or visit taylortherapy.com.

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