New Britain gets colorful new mural

Published on Friday, 26 October 2018 17:44
Written by Karla Santos


NEW BRITAIN – A community art mural was created Thursday on a portion of Jubilee Street with the goal of providing more public space in the East Side neighborhood.

“While art is on display in several public areas already, this project will bring some fun energy and art to our heavily-populated East Side neighborhood,” Mayor Erin Stewart said. “We hope that this project inspires residents to take a new look at the possibilities in their neighborhood. Temporary, low cost projects like this help us to transform the road and make it a safer, more inviting space.”

The creation of the mural was done in partnership with the Capitol Region Council of Governments and the YWCA of New Britain. Stewart, volunteers from the city and other organizations took part in painting the colorful honey comb design on the street.

Mike Lyden, of Street Plans, a consultant to CRCOG worked with the city to execute the project.

Connected hexagons representing the city symbol in orange, brown, yellow and red were painted to form the mural which will be in place for about a month.

“It’s colorful, it’s bright, it’s fun,” Lyden said. “It’s a way to invite people in the space. It will very visibly increase the size of the park triangle here in the public space, that’s the intent.

Lyden said that the space, which is part of the Jubilee Street, will now be used as a community open space that the residents can utilize.

“It’s a test project,” Lyden said. “If the city and the neighborhood really like it, they can make it more permanent. It’s kind of a wait and see kind of approach and the idea is that we just test out a new idea for a neighborhood and evaluate it.”

Sharon Beloin-Saavedra is running for office and the area were the mural was painted is part of her district.

“It would be wonderful if this space becomes successful, it would be very nice to see it long term, to have this park expanded a little bit so that there’s greater space for folks to gather,” Saavedra said. “In the East Side they have been working, the NRZ has been working diligently, the YWCA to do sort of a beautification, a cleanup of the neighborhood and I think this is just one more piece of that puzzle. You want people to have a sense of ownership of their neighborhood and have a sense of pride.”

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