No major problems reported in Berlin, New Britain during 911 outage

Published on Tuesday, 8 January 2019 20:34
Written by LISA BACKUS


Local police reported no emergencies during a statewide 911 phone service outage early Tuesday.

“It’s always a good practice to have our local number saved in your phone,” Berlin Deputy Chief Christopher Ciuci said. The statewide emergency number was down for about an hour, he added.

New Britain’s 911 service was out for about 90 minutes, said Paul Salina, the city’s acting director of support services, who oversees information technology and public safety telecomunications.

“We’re still waiting to hear what happened,” Salina said. “I believe text to 911 wasn’t affected.”

Salina said he had heard that a cellular service provider working on equipment may have caused the problem.

“I heard it originated with the phone companies,” Salina said. “People who were calling the main number were still getting through.”

Several police departments took to social media around 2 a.m. to instruct residents to use the departments’ main telephone numbers in the event of an emergency.

At least one state police barracks experienced the outage, said a spokeswoman for the agency. The state’s 911 service providers were still trying to figure out what happened as of 2 p.m. and how much of an impact the outage had on the state.

Ciuci said 911 in Berlin went down about 2 a.m. and stayed down for about an hour. There were no emergencies during that time, he said.

Berlin police were told that it was a statewide issue, Ciuci said. The last emergency call that came through in Berlin was a call for an ambulance at 1:37 a.m., Ciuci said. The service went out about 20 minutes later. It was back on by 3 a.m., Ciuci said.

New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart alerted residents to the outage in a Twitter post that included the number for the city dispatch center.

Salina also said all state residents should have the phone numbers of the police departments of the towns where they live and work programmed into their cell phones.

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