Armed man arrested after scuffle with New Britain police

Published on Thursday, 13 February 2020 18:36
Written by Charles Paullin


NEW BRITAIN - A tip resulted in the arrest of an ex-convict on weapons charges, police said.

New Britain police got a tip that Shyheim Negron, 24, of Louise Court, had a gun and would be in a silver Honda Civic, a police report said. Police said Negron is a convicted felon and has been a suspect in recent armed robberies.

The car was spotted by police around 9:30 p.m. last Friday in the area of Smalley Street before ending up in a driveway on Childs Street, the report continued. Officers, wearing raid-style vests, left their unmarked car and approached the Honda while yelling at the people inside to show their hands and “stop reaching,” the report said.

One officer approached the car with his weapon drawn and saw Negron being escorted out of the car before trying to run away, the report said.

The officer with weapon drawn grabbed Negron’s chest and dragged him to the ground, the report said. Negron dug his hands into his waistband of his pants and struggled to get away, before the officer told Negron to “stop reaching” and show his hands, the report said. Negron refused, the report said.

The officer feared that Negron was attempting to retrieve the gun and delivered a knee strike to his upper chest, which had no effect, the report said.

Negron stood up and continued to fight to get away, at which time the officer delivered two punches to Negron’s upper torso, which also proved unsuccessful, the report said.

Negron eventually fell back to the ground, with the officer’s body partially trapped underneath, and the officer felt he was in a vulnerable position, the report stated. The officer delivered about five more strikes to Negron’s face, but Negron was still fighting and not giving his hand, the report said.

Throughout the interaction, police said Negron kept reaching for his waistband and not listening to commands. Other officers used a Taser twice, kicked him in the side of his torso, punched him in his side several times, grabbed his hair and delivered another knee strike, supplemental police reports said.

One officer was able to grab Negron’s arms and handcuff him, the report said. Negron was searched and a Taurus .38 caliber handgun containing three rounds was found. It had not been reported stolen. Negron was treated at the Hospital of Central Connecticut for minor injuries, described as abrasions, the report said.

Negron is charged with criminal possession of a pistol/revolver and interfering with an officer/resisting. He is due in New Britain Superior Court and held on $150,000 bond.

Police Chief Chris Chute did not return a request for comment on whether the officers involved with the arrest will be investigated over their use of force.

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