New Britain woman arrested after allegedly cashing neighbor's check, paying someone to endorse it

Published on Sunday, 16 February 2020 19:04
Written by Charles Paullin


NEW BRITAIN - A city woman with a record of larceny convictions was arrested after allegedly taking a check for $1,438 made out to a neighbor, depositing it into her own bank account and then spending the money.

Dorothea Madison, 55, of Spring Street, told police she received a letter in her mailbox addressed to her neighbor, opened it and found a check inside, according to the warrant for her said.

She initially thought she would return the check to its rightful owner and rang the buzzer to the apartment number on the letter but there was no answer, the warrant also stated. Madison brought the check home and let it sit for a few days while she decided if she would steal the money or try again to return it, she told police.

After making the decision to keep the check, she said, she found a “random person off the street” and paid him a “few dollars” to sign the back of the check so the signature was not in her own handwriting, the warrant continued. She said then deposited the check into her account using the TD Bank mobile app.

Once the check cleared, Madison continued telling police, she waited a few days and spent the money on food and other household items, the warrant said. She said she had fallen on hard financial times after a Social Security check mix-up. She said she was sorry for stealing the money and wished she could pay the person back what she owes.

Police identified Madison as a suspect after the victim reported he suspected that a neighbor may have fraudulently deposited it, according to the warrant. Police used a search warrant and found the check had been deposited into Madison’s account.

Madison is charged with fourth-degree larceny and third-degree forgery. Police said Madison has a prior conviction for first-degree larceny and second-degree larceny. She is due in New Britain Superior Court on March 23 and was released on a promise to appear.

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