New Britain event launches 'Don't Trash Connecticut - Nip It In The Bin!' campaign

Published on Tuesday, 10 March 2020 20:01
Written by Ciara Hooks


NEW BRITAIN - Connecticut’s wine and spirits industry, in partnership with Live Green, held a press conference Tuesday morning at CT Beverage Mart to launch the retail portion of its “Don’t Trash Connecticut - Nip It In The Bin!” campaign, aimed at helping to eradicate litter, including small “nip” containers, to help keep roadsides, waterways and public spaces trash-free.

“Today is the kickoff of our public awareness campaign,” said Lawrence F, Calfero Jr., president and treasurer of Three Tiers for Connecticut and executive director of Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of Connecticut. “You see these posters, we distributed them and stickers to over 1,200 package stores in the state because we figured let’s get it right at the source where people purchase these things. So it’s trying to enlighten people as their buying their product hey enjoy it responsibly, but when you’re done throw it away or recycle it do the right thing.”

The public awareness campaign focuses on signage at retail locations.

“This week, Connecticut’s package store retailers are deploying poster and stickers to catch the eye of our customers and remind them to properly dispose their nips, bottles, cans and boxes when they are empty,” said Steven Downes, president of the Connecticut Package Store Association and owner of CT Beverage Mart. “Point of sale education helps influence good habits, which is what we need to keep Connecticut litter-free.”

The five-year, three-part campaign is the signature element of a three-pronged partnership between Three Tiers for Connecticut, a new not-for profit organization representing the three tiers of the alcoholic beverage industry (suppliers, wholesalers and package store retailers) and Live Green. Its efforts consist of:

nCommunity cleanups.

nPoint-of-sale education focused on litter eradication.

nPublic space stewardship: Three Tiers will purchase and place numerous disposal bins in public locations in collaboration with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

“We sort of created our organization in the spring and we did our first two cleanups I believe in the fall. We took the winter break off, but in the meantime we were meeting with municipalities and the DEP with regards to placement of our trash and recycling containers,” said Calfero. “Live Green Connecticut has been doing cleanups for years.”

“If you want to make a difference in the world, start in your own front yard,” said Daphne Dixon, executive director of Live Green.

As odd as it may seem for the liquor industry to be promoting a campaign such as this, Dixon said it was excited to be a partner.

“We look to partner with sometimes unlikely partners because, in order to create the world we all say we want to live in, that really takes cooperation and working together with companies that might not seem like likely partners,” said Dixon. “And the good thing about these cleanups is it opens up people’s eyes. They are appalled and surprised at the amount, variety and types of liter that’s out there.”

CT Beverage Mart is at 615 Hartford Road.

For more information on the campaign, visit or @DontTrashCT on Twitter.

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