'Clean Crew' spends morning helping to clean up downtown New Britain

Published on Wednesday, 14 October 2020 15:16
Written by Ciara Hooks


NEW BRITAIN – Chrysalis Center’s “Clean Crew” spent two hours Wednesday morning helping to clean downtown and assist in keeping the streets and sidewalks beautiful.

Draped in florescent yellow Chrysalis Center vests, staff and clients, equipped with masks, gloves, trash bags and grabbers, walked around the city and picked up trash.

“We started the cleanup at the Visitor Center,” said Robert Michalman, a Chrysalis staff member. “We broke up into four teams and spread out. We did 45 minutes, came back and then went back out for another 45 minutes.”

The Clean Crew has been working for years in communities served by the Chrysalis Center.

“We love to bring our clients into the communities that we have apartments and where our clients live,” said Adria Giordano, director of development and communications at Chrysalis Center. “At Chrysalis Center, our motto is ‘Getting Help, Getting Better and Giving Back,’ and this is one way our clients love giving back. The Clean Crew program empowers our clients, giving them a sense of community spirit, as well as gives us an opportunity to get to know our neighbors and bring a positive presence into downtown New Britain.”

Chrysalis Center Real Estate Corporation will be welcoming residents to its newest housing site, Courtland Arms, the long vacant building on Court Street. The company has converted the historical building into 24 affordable one-bedroom units, including four dedicated to formerly homeless veterans.

“The Downtown District is extremely happy to welcome back the Chrysalis Center clients to help us with our Clean Campaign program. Chrysalis’ programs and goals are aligned nicely with ours in New Britain,” said Gerry Amodio, executive director of New Britain Downtown District.

“At Chrysalis Center, we believe that each person, regardless of their illness, disability, or life circumstance, has strengths, skills and experiences to build on. We work to offer quality services that respect the dignity of each person and their cultural background and are proud that so many of our clients choose to give back by volunteering in the Clean Crew,” Giordano said.

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