Farrell Treatment Center in New Britain prides itself on making people feel at home

Published on Tuesday, 9 March 2021 09:10
Written by Erica Drzewiecki


NEW BRITAIN – People often consider their experience with Farrell Treatment Center as a coming home.

Their journey begins as soon as they seek addiction treatment services from Farrell, the only residential treatment facility in New Britain and an affiliate of Gilead Community Services.

The two organizations recently joined forces, bringing together mental health and addiction services.

In addition to its 28-day intensive residential program for men, Farrell also offers intensive outpatient treatment for men and women in day and evening sessions, case management, group counseling and therapy for individuals and their families.

Farrell’s philosophy incorporates many different treatment modalities in addition to “the 12 step” program, with a goal of healing the whole person.

“We’re more like a family than an institution,” said Dan Millstein, clinical director of addiction services. “We pride ourselves on making people feel at home, nurtured and taken care of. Once you join us, you are always part of our family.”

Farrell is “legendary” for its kitchen and the meals that come out of it, feeding clients’ bodies and souls.

“Chef Diana,” as she is known around here, has the magic touch. Clients rave about her fried chicken and chili, among other favorites.

“We do the most incredible home cooking,” Millstein said. “People come back to our center for Christmas parties because they enjoy the food and fellowship. When people come in to our center they’re malnourished. They haven’t taken care of themselves physically or mentally, so food and good nurturing care are so important.”

Team members are known as “warriors” for their dedication to the personal battles that define addiction.

Some of the newer programs offered at Farrell include family-focused therapy for the loved ones of addicts.

“People impacted by this don’t really have a way of coping with the anxiety and depression caused by addiction being in their life,” Millstein said. “This a 10-session group where they get to be the patient.”

Farrell Treatment Center also recently joined together with other city agencies, emergency personnel and health providers to launch a new initiative called New Britain Recovers. Partners are going out into the community to locate addicts who are not yet in treatment, give them resources and referrals and hand out essential items like fentanyl testing strips, clean needles and clean socks.

To learn more about Farrell Treatment Center call 860-225-4641 or visit farrell-tc.com/

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